Awesome, love his technique… Went in feeling no energy, low resistance.. After treatment feeling so upbeat … So in alignment and rested… GIVE YOURSELF THIS GIFT OF HEALING … NO REGRET..JUST DO IT
Puanani R.
The time an attention that Dr Kwak provides is something I’ve haven’t experienced before. I’m very pleased with my treatments that i received.
Dr. Kwak is amazing. When I first visited him about 2 months ago, I could hardly walk and was in excruciating pain. His treatment was very thorough as well as gentle, and I left his office mobile and pain-free. Today, after three more treatments, I can play tennis regularly with no ill- effects.

Dr. Kwak is very professional, kind and considerate. I would highly recommend his services.

Jane T.
Dr Kwak welcomes me with ALOHA SPIRIT, he has clean neat office-waiting room and patients room. Dr Kwak is very caring and takes the time to explain in SIMPLE TERMS so patients understand before during and after treatment. Dr Kwak is personal … We love DR KWAK… His QSM3 procedure is very effective with small amount pressure.. You will understand when you received his treatment first hand … Only POSITIVE can come out of it👍👌😃